A new and very precious finish has been added to the Elegant Collection: Satin Finishes. A cascade of iridescent gems covers the wood, illuminating the flooring. Satin Finish was conceived to bring Italian glamour, creativity and style to flooring. The elegance and care behind the new patterns is also seen in the finishes and choice of marbles, which are very precious and mainly come from local quarries but some are also imported from abroad. The creative vitality of Parquet In is fully shown in this new Collection, where expert craftsmanship, Italian traditions and futuristic style are all woven together in a play of extremes, combining modern essential style with new features, introducing new creative ideas, new colours for the wood and new glossy finishes that give life and charm to any interior. Besides the new Satin Finish, this collection also contains other innovative features, such as the new modern colours for the wood to brighten up the interiors, because it is always the colour that gives that extra special touch to the furnishings.

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