Company SALICE PAOLO, which bears the name of its founder, began its creative development in the 40's of the last century. Then gifted graduates of Kant city art schools created the first sketches and prototypes of products of brass under SALICE PAOLO brand. Some of the models developed during that period have not lost its popularity and are manufactured up to this day.

SALICE PAOLO door handles can be compared with the jewelry. Each one is unique and exquisite. No wonder, they had the honor of decorating the doors of the royal palaces, luxury villas and famous hotels.

In the current company product catalogs you can find door furniture of different styles and genres from luxurious Baroque to the restrained minimalism. Many renowned designers such as Giacomo Benevelli and Giuseppe Polli worked over their creation.

Choosing elite doors for your house, you need to find worthy accessories that will be able to decorate not only the door leaf but also the interior as a whole.

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