Italian company LINEA CALI manufacturing door hardware, began its journey from raw piece of brass to the highly artistic and functional products in 1986. Through trial and error they have developed a strategy to start manufacture of only those pen models that they would like to install in their own home. This moral stance helped LINEA CALI become one of the best manufacturers of door accessories.

Door handle models are developed by the designers from all over the world but their manufacture (complete production cycle) is located in Italy, that per se guarantees the quality and durability of the product. Due to unique protective zirconium coating - PVD (physical vapourdeposition) technology, LINEA CALI products are proof against strikes, wear or bad weather conditions.

LINEA CALI handles are not just devices for opening the doors, but a kind of jewelry for the interior, as for their finish 24-carat gold coating, Swarovski crystal inserts, Murano glass, leather and wood are applied. The variety of styles and options for door hardware covering decisions provides the customer the opportunity to choose accessories perfectly matching their doors.

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