SIGE GOLD is the embodiment of elegance, luxury and style, doors worthy to decorate even palaces...

Famous factory SIGE GOLD is located in the Tuscany region, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and the repository of artistic heritage. Founded in the early 60-ies of the last century as a small family business, later SIGE GOLD has become the leading manufacturer of luxury doors on the Italian market.

For door manufacturing the plant uses solid precious wood from South Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, such as the root of myrtle and ash, maple, mahogany and other valuable species. Tuscan artisans still use technologies that have been applied in Florence during the Renaissance, each processing step of all the unique designs is carefully and thoughtfully manually performed. Art oil painting, decorative wood carving, marquetry of valuable species veneer, varnishing and coating of gold leaf and silver on the carved decorations, Murano stained glass turn functional interior doors into work of artistic craftsmanship.

Today SIGE GOLD position itself as a preferred partner for architects and interior designers. The factory is capable to realize any unique interior to order, taking care of all aspects of space, from the flooring to the interior. They produce not only the doors, but also boiserie decorative panels, modular art parquet, furniture and interior items.

SIGE GOLD is a good choice for people who adore luxury and willing to emphasize their high status in the face of public.


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