Francesco Molon

In the small town of Romano d'Ezzelino, near Venice, Italy, over a hundred artisans work daily to create individual furniture pieces that are veritable works of art. The finished pieces, whether beautifully inlaid writing desks or meticulously carved secretaries, travel the world over to rest in the elegant hotels and luxurious palaces of exotic places like the Grand Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok, the Four Seasons Hotel in Berlin, the Breaker’s Hotel in Palm Beach, and the St.Regis in Rome. The fine Italian craftsmen are part of Francesco Molon, a family-owned business dedicated to the revival of furniture artistry in classical European style. Started in 1966 by Francesco Molon and a handful of highly skilled artisans, Francesco Molon has succeeded in capturing the rich tradition of ancient techniques and furniture mastery for presentation in today’s marketplace. Now run by both Francesco Molon and his sons, the company remains committed to the timeless fine design and functionality that enables furniture to be passed through generations. Francesco Molon searches throughout the world for the highest-grade materials, superb veneers, refined burls, exotic rosewoods and ebony. Highly skilled in painting, marquetry and the meticulous applications of gold leaf, artisans replicate age-old techniques to create near signature pieces preferred by high-end designers world wide. Francesco Molon, thanks to its growth in the international marketplace, has concentrated its commercial efforts in the opening of branches in the USA, Mexico, Russia, United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia and Israel. Moreover, its first American retail operation was recently opened near Naples, Florida at the International Design Center.