Luxurious Italian lighting

An inseparable part of every properly equipped home is high-quality lights that tops up the general atmosphere of an interior. And there is nothing more imposing than a crystal chandelier. Choose from our offer of traditional and modern chandeliers and other types of lighting. The company Salon Cardinal selected for you the lighting supplied by leading Italian family-owned companies dealing with production of luxurious designer lighting - Aqua Creations, De Majo, I.D.L. Export, II Paralume Marina, Terzani, Beby Group, Faustig, Brand Van Egmond, Italamp, Possoni Illuminazione, Prearo, MM Lampadari, SARRI, MASCA, Mechini, Formia. Visit us, and our professionally trained staff will readily help you with everything, from selecting and designing of lighting to project realization.