by Caroti

It is a continuously evolving yet well-rooted Company with over 50 years of experience and 3 generations of tradition dedicated to planning, making and designing valuable furniture whose style is unique and timeless. ORIGINAL FURNITURE VECCHIA MARINA arose in 1960 as a family-run carpentry workshop. Since then its managerial structure and sales offer have developed considerably to make this brand become world-famous and appreciated in the Made in Italy design sector. In its spacious, well equipped plant, Caroti combines the priceless master craftsmanship of the past with the reliability and precision of the most recent numerically-controlled machinery. Craftsmanship and technology combined to produce unique, exclusive, high-quality cabinet-making products. The accuracy of details, reliability of materials, compliance with delivery dates and assistance in accomplishing also contractual designs are guaranteed by the owners' constant presence in all manufacturing stages and by the cooperation of highly skilled staff. Thanks to this entrepreneurial philosophy, Caroti is a reliable, competent partner for the thousands of customers who have chosen us worldwide.