We make our lamps one by one and completely by hand and we make them in Florence since1970, taking care of each minimum detail. It is impossible for us to make two identical pieces since they are handmade and unique. The articles labelled Mechini are exclusively made by hand thanks to our deep knowledge of iron work techniques. The permanent search for handicraft perfection has allowed Mechini to become a favourite in the overseas market. The chromatic and ornamental effects of our lamps are completely original, resulting from our painters' deep knowledge of techniques and materials. We are particularly expert in the use of tempera as well as silver and golden leaves. We produce all our articles according to the EU regulations following the tradition of joining Swarovski strass or Murano glass to wrought iron. Mechini is a synonym of handicraft, it is also possible for us to make exclusive works based on personalized designs or to modify any of our existing models varying colour or size.