Carlo Monti, at the early age of his 18, gained the sought-after position of Technical Director in one of the foremost Italian companies specialized in production of lighting fixtures and fittings. A brief experience which lead him to the final decision that definitely marked out his life, along a way which is still covered by his family. In 1893, indeed, Carlo founded the family’s first glass manufacturing company, “Soffieria Monti S.A.”

Specialized in scientific glass production and strongly characterized by an expertise who was unique at that time in italy, the Company grew up rapidly, becoming in a short time a leading company in its specific sector and starting a virtuous cycle, with an harmonic economic increase, in a constant development which led it – in the Thirties - to the maximum expansion with thousands of employees and a sensitive widening of the product range. We’re proud to underline, among the historical goals of our industrial tradition, that we were the first producers – all over Italy – of the first neon signs in blown glass. A time of industrious and untroubled plenty, struck by a tragic event: the unexpected death of Carlo Monti, in 1936.

In spite of the strong and active resistance of the whole family – of his wife Teresa and of the too young Founder’s sons – the disappearance of the man who has been - since always – the heart and the head of the entire company weakened strongly the company structure, until the outbreak of the Second World War, which seemed to determine the end of all hope. However, the everlasting strength of that spirit was the most precious heritage that the Founder has left – consciously even if silently - to his inheritors.

Beyond the firm’s tangible assets, in fact, is the energy which animate it – made of courageous commitment, cleverness and responsibility – the most important legacy of the real entrepreneur. And Carlo Monti, undoubtedly, was it. Inspired from this eternal spirit, at the end of the War, two of Carlo’s sons, Gioachimo in Bologna and Ambrogio in Milan, restarted the familiar tradition, choosing both to specialize their companies in the neon signs production, in an effort which continues successfully nowadays – in Milan – with Eliosneon, one of the leading Italian companies in the lighting sector, with more than fifty years of glorious and uninterrupted activity of production, installation and consulting.

And now in Murano, after 115 years from the first foundation act, the youngest Carlo’s descendant – Luigi Monti – chooses to take up the challenge and to renew a tradition which is not enriched by material assets but only by the true richness, untouchable from nobody except of its legitimate holders: the unique spirit of a family, that one who defines a whole identity, overcoming the limits of time and of the most opposing adversities.