Corte Zari


In 1970 Rino Zari, a young craftsman with a passion for brass and casting, decided to base his future livelihood on his own creativity and capabilities.

As a result of this craftsman’s determination and initiative “Arredamenti San Marco”, a small local business, was started and, soon afterwards it was successfully introduced to the wider national market.

Thanks to work done with the help of the country’s most important designers and architects the company has made many conquests and received numerous acknowledgements over the course of the years.

Production has been intensely extended and diversified, and materials have been renewed and enriched - in addition to brass and aluminium, now iron, copper, wood and glass are used as well - these are the components of a skilful, passionate craft with a single-worded motto: Excel.

My father, who is now a “Commendatore del Lavoro “, after more than forty years of work, dedication and fulfilment, has looked after this company almost like a fourth child and it, along with CorteZari, fully portrays the warm, homely, stylish elegance of refined, evocative spaces.

With affection and respect,

Simone Zari