Ceppi Style

Ceppi Style is a household name in Italy and in the luxury home lifestyle furniture world, having started over 35 years ago as a small artisan design and crafts workshop in the heart of the Brianza area. Ceppi Style concept was developed by business visionary entrepreneur Mr Claudio Ceppi , the founder, who ensures with the support of his stuff the same high standards, high level of sophistication and style being associated with the Ceppi name for nearly a century. The in-house production team uses first class solid wood and the production is indicative of the pride of countless generations of craftsman who have sought to demonstrate their high standard of cabinet making, hand carving and inlay, lacquering and painting. Each model is studied and worked by skilled hands and each piece is on any interpretation a unique work of art. The Company is also specialized in Custom-made furniture and boiserie. The products offer, features all key home style components for the luxury lifestyle from Living rooms, to Bedrooms, Dining rooms, Bathrooms and everything in between. Ceppi Style has designed and completed projects throughout the world and has supplied turn-key services in the interior design to the most prestigious palaces, villas, penthouses and private residences globally. Also market leaders in respect of fashion trends design, with plenty of experience in advertising and marketing.


2031 small armchair, 3182 console table
2857 bed, 3107 night stand, 2846 mirror, 3055 bench
3118 chaise-lounge (2)
3120 trumeau, 2207 mirror
3121 trumeau, 3122 mirror
3136 desk, 3137 return desk, 3138 bookcase, 3139 sideboard, 3140 swivel armchair, 3141 small swivel armchair
3136 desk, 3137 return desk, 3140 swivel armchair
3138 bookcase
3152 sofa, 3153 armchair, 3127M padded coffee table, 3126 small table
3153 armchair, 3155 tv frame, 3156 tv cabinet, 3157 showcase (2)
3162 sideboard, 3164 tv frame, 3160 dining table, 3130 showcase, 3159 chair
3163 tv cabinet, 3130 showcase, 3164 tv frame
3166 round table with lazy susan, 2641 chair
3176 3seater sofa, 3177 small round table
3180 small sofa, 3119 small table
3181 small armchair, 3119 small table
3183 small armchair, 3184 small table
3190 dressing table, 3192 chair, 3191 mirror, 3185 bed, 3189 bench, 3188 night stand
3205 sofa, 3206 armchair, 3207 small table, 3208 small coffee table
3206 small armchair, 3207 small side table
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