The bathroom is not just a functional home space, but it is also an environment considered as a temple of the psychological and physical well-being to live with a precise mood. The intimate and relaxing space of the bathroom is the expression of our “ego”, the excellent subjective place where every single detail takes over a particular meaning by reflecting its own personality and fantasy and where every simple gesture transforms into a celebrative rite of the man . Succeed in combining design and functionality by utilizing quality and technological materials. Add up to the industrial manufacturing process quality an accuracy and a handicraft’s care consolidated through the years. Through the accuracy of the entire manufacturing process, from the raw-materials purchasing to the finished product’s setting-up, realize bathroom furnishings which distinguish for their high quality standards and their timeless reliability. try to understand and anticipate the style orientation by picking up suggestions and ideas from the new trends and interpret the brilliant concepts and the sophisticated bathroom projects being able to create an intimate interaction between the furnished environment and who is living it.