Luxurious Italian offices

Create a perfect place for fulfilling your work duties and enjoying. Luxurious and styly study-rooms, offices and conference rooms will provide to you a perfect atmosphere for work performance and representation. Salon Cardinal carefully selects among traditional family-owned firms with long-year tradition of manual and custom-made manufacture.

You can choose according to what you prefer. In our offer you can find classical furniture, be it richly decorated or simple rustical, as well as modern designer minimalism of brands like Angelo Cappellini, Arca, Cappellini Intagli, Francesco Molon, OAK, Ezio Bellotti, Carpanelli, Soher, Colección Alexandra, Epocart, Ceppi Style. To ensure the maximum level of your satisfaction, our professionally trained staff are ready to assist you in everything, from selecting furniture to project realization. Services of a professional architect can be provided to ensure the top design of your study.