Luxurious Italian bedrooms

A bedroom belongs to the most important rooms in a home, and a correctly assembled bedroom furniture will enable you to fall asleep relaxed every night and to forget about everyday worries. The company Salon Cardinal sells the best quality Italian designer furniture supplied by traditional family-owned firms, dealing with manual and custom-made manufacture, which is able to meet even your most demanding wishes and needs. We offer to you complete equipment for bedrooms, from bedside tables to beds, all in the traditional rustical, richly decorated or modern style.

You can choose from the offer of brands producing both classical and modern furniture such as Angelo Cappellini, Bruno Zampa, Cappellini Intagli, Francesco Molon, Besana, Formeti, OAK, Tosconova, Zanaboni, Beby Group, Ezio Bellotti, Bruno Piombini, Fimes, Silik, Carpanelli, Soher, Colección Alexandra, Valmori, Cugini Marzorati, Ulivi Salotti, Ceppi Style. Our professionally trained staff is ready to assist you in selecting, designing and realization, and we are able to provide services of a professional architect if necessary.