Dining rooms

Luxurious Italian dining-room furniture

A high quality kitchen requires high-quality furniture in the dining room, to make you feel as in a first-class restaurant. All this will be provided to you by classical and modern design furniture supplied by leading Italian family-owned firms distinguished for their traditional manual and custom-made manufacture that will meet all your strictest criteria. In our offer you can find classical rustical furniture or highly decorated furniture in the Italian villa style as well as modern minimalistic furniture.

For you, we have chosen to cooperate with companies such as Angelo Cappellini, Arca, Cappellini Intagli, Francesco Molon, Formenti, Bello Sedie, Ezio Bellotti, Bruno Piombini, Silik, Carpanelli, Soher, Collección Alexandra, Cugini Marzorati, Ceppi Style. Our services include expert assistance by our professionally trained staff who are prepared to help you with selecting, designing and complex realization, to make you maximally satisfied. Services of a professional architect can be provided if needed.