Our company inherits its skill from a local master cabinet maker, Gino Passarin, from the Bottega di Giuseppe Merlin of Asparetto di Cerea (VR), where furniture crafting started out. He was one of the few master furniture makers to oppose conformity to production methods which spread through this area of reproduction furniture after the 50s. He continued in the ancient traditions of quality materials and work techniques which made his products unique and aimed at a market which demanded refined and tasteful furniture. To maximise the features of your surroundings, we call on an expert in each particular sector to develop your project: architects, interior designers and master cabinet makers. All high profile consultants and collaborators who know how to interpret a client's requirements and translate them into design solutions. This is the way we give life to personalized prestigious living solutions efficiently, by offering complete furnishing systems. Our project philosophy enables us to create harmonious surroundings using one of our collections or by selecting particular items. This is what we define as Epocart, which best expresses itself where wood panelling or Palladio fitted wall units enclose all the items in our collections. Our vast experience, which all our clients appreciate, together with our ability to dominate living and sleeping area spaces making them absolutely impeccable, functional and cosy. Surroundings built for and around you.