Beby Italy & Diluce

“High technology might be a luxury today but by tomorrow it will inevitably have become the norm.” For Beby Italy on the other hand, lasting luxury lies in the knowledge that every one model embodies hundreds of years of Italian craftsmanship and skill in the creation of objects of unique value. Tremendous importance is attached to the craftsmen who provide the skills and techniques we need to create unique, personal, and exclusive objects of art. And tremendous care is taken over every detail to guarantee the excellence of the finished product, because excellence is the platform on which the identity and philosophy of Beby Italy have always stood firm. The know-how that has always distinguished Beby Italy is profoundly product-oriented and focused on design, technical characteristics and quality. The company implements a strategy of absorbing the local craft heritage, and values the contribution of local craftsmen by offering them the prosperity that only real and carefully targeted investments can bring. This vision is amply reflected in the business plan that has been enacted over recent years by CEO Massimo Soffiato. As a result Beby Italy has been transformed into an Italian renaissance atelier for the new millennium, integrating technology and research with high artistic values, and applying the rules of high profile marketing and management to achieve tangible growth at the business level without sacrificing craftsmanship and tradition.