From 1977, constant growth and evolution
The history of our company goes back almost 40 years. A period which has seen a radical change in customs, taste and life-style not only in Italy, but throughout the whole world. 1977: the year we began the great adventure of setting up our company. This was the year of the first episode of "Star Wars", the world fell in love with a young star called John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever". It was the year I sat and listened to a mythical Pink Floyd at the Hallenstadion in Zurich. The Shuttle made its first test flight in space…from that moment on, the world began to evolve at a momentous pace

The first steps of an unforgettable journey
I will never forget my first factory where I decided to start up this work: to achieve my goals and make this dream come true, I set up a team of highly qualified expert cabinetmakers; master-craftsmen in working with wood, forging metal, and cutting stone.
We loved our work and we worked with enthusiasm... the days flew by, then months...and years.
The constant pleasure of a obtaining a new order, creating a bright new idea, the huge satisfaction of a beautiful piece of work... The team grew: new craftsmen, architects, expert designers, the move to a larger facility, constant change but always with the same fundamental approach and the same desire for quality.