A history made of passion and ambitious challenges. Commitment and great successes.
A history that started back in 1959 when Ermanno Ferri, a young and brilliant craftsman, founded the company called Febal Cucine in Pesaro.
From the very first few years in this business, the corporate strategy of focusing on a range of products with captivating design, excellent quality aimed at the high end of the market has proved to be a winning ticket.
In 1962 the first factory plant was built and, production rose incredibly within just a few years. In 1973 the company changed its set-up and became a joint-stock company.
It was during these first few years that a corporate vision was created, a vision that has always represented the company's own philosophy "Doing things that nobody else has done before". Febal managed to impose its brand name and it became immediately renowned for its ability to anticipate living styles and create trends, and for the quality of its products designed and manufactured which often saw the collaboration of famous Italian architects and designers.
In 1991, the company decided to enhance their position at the top end of the market with high quality product, and this led to the take-over of a manufacturer called Rossana, an Italian company specialised in the production of top range kitchens and renowned for its technical research and design.
In 2007 Febal chose to sell one of if its business branches and brand name - Prodomo Cucine - which it had taken over in 1998; this aimed to preserve its original vocation and focus on the top end of the market.

In 2009, the Febal brand was taken over by the Colombini Group in San Marino, a leading company in the furniture manufacturing sector, with 7 brand names, 5 production plants, 900 employees, around 6,000 points of sale and a huge range of products covering the entire home market, distributed in Italy, Europe, Africa and the Far East.

The new owner brought its well consolidated philosophy based on efficiency, accuracy and punctuality that has always distinguished the group. Febal hence commenced a streamlining process and introduced a cutting edge highly automated manufacturing system which was able to guarantee maximum levels of quality and customisation.

Febal and Colombini brought 2009 to a close with a consolidated turnover of 180 million euros.