Bruno Piombini

The Italianism of our products is always synonymous of great attention to the production processes, to the quality of the materials, and to the care of the details in the river bed of the purest tradition of the great Italian cabinetmakers, made of great knowledge, long experience and extraordinary technique. Rigorously made by hand, every product of ours crosses all the phases of realization, from the ideation to the production, on our territory, a tenacious safeguard of a compartmente where we try to preserve its extraordinary value and the deep vitality, unfortunately often threatended by an unfair competition without references and rules, but that nevertheless can not be compared with our products in terms of rigor, reliability and credibility. For us maintain high standard of quality means offer to our customers unique collections, exclusive choices and innovative and versatile solutions, guaranteed by an certificate of strict quality control by equitable prices. So to trust in the solidity of a firm as ours that, since 1925 is leader in the sector and that made the Italian quality its guarantee mark, it appears more and more a sign of distinction.