Brummel Cucine is a leader company focused to the innovation and continuous research of unique, eclectic and exclusive products. A company who was able to refresh with a contemporary sensibility the knowledge and experience asset of the Italian woodwork tradition and the polyhedral character of venetian culture, inside in its Dna. Mixing with wisdom innovation and memories, Brummel Cucine creates masterpieces which pass the time test and are not influenced by the trends.
Since the beginning, in 1980, Brummel Cucine has always privileged the realization of great creativity and technology products: Grand Gourmet and Papillon are some of the proven successes, which detein great charm and actuality even today.
Three points are necessary to be followed to create a great kitchen:
The head. A Brummel kitchen borns with his creator’s input who imagine what are the daily actions in his kitchen. The kitchen borns listening to the needs and wishes, anticipating the requests, designing solutions which improve the users’ operation and wellness.
The heart. A Brummel kitchen lives of passion. It is the result of the capacity to listen to the materials, to extract their soul, to create emotions day after day.
The hands. A Brummel kitchen needs to be touched, to feel the skilled and precise gestures which have created it, to discover the experience signs and ability to follow the project in a perfect way.