Bello Sedie

Bello Sedie, founded in 1977 and situated in the north-east of Italy, is a modern and dynamic company, constantly expanding thanks to continuous investments in production equipment and new technologies. Bello Sedie is characterized for the highest level quality of products, for the use of high quality woods and for the flexible production range that can meet the needs of all his customers. Our tables and chairs, inspired by classical models, always have an original interpretation ad refer to a current trend. The painting and upholstering of products are done according to customers’ requirements. The fabrics can be provided by customers, always in compilation with safety and quality standards. Our experience and organization permits us to provide disassembled products and the related machinery for their assembly. Special care is destined to the packaging. We continuously invest in human resources, favoring the hiring of young technicians that are trained regularly. Special attention is paid to nature with the usage of the only planted broadleaf. Waste materials are totally re-used for the production of clean energy. Part of our profit is destined to reforest.