Innovation, research, coherence, new materials and flexible solutions have been the key concepts of Agape’s business philosophy since it was established in 1973. The company’s mission is to make the bathroom a more comfortable and aesthetically stimulating space by rethinking conventional typologies. Agape has invested significant resources in research and development, involving protagonists of Italian design such as as Marco Ferreri, Konstantin Grcic, Claudio La Viola, Enzo Mari, Angelo Mangiarotti, Giuseppe Pasquali and Patricia Urquiola, as well as talented young designers such as Fabio Bortolani, Alessandro Farnetti, Giulio Gianturco, Gwenael Nicolas_Curiosity, Ermanno Righi, Maurizio Negri, Shiro Studio_Andrea Morgante, Carlo Tinti, Borin/Gibertini/Vittori, Marco Zito and, above all, relying on Giampaolo Benedini, co-founder of the company. His work as designer and art director for Agape is now supported by his wife Bibi and daughter Camilla, with whom he established Benedini Associati in 1999. His brother Emanuele has been the company’s CEO since 1990. Agape’s role as market leader in its business sector is witnessed by the ability of its products catalogue to respond to the most diverse needs. Its various product ranges, components and accessories form an integrated system based on design principles informed by constantly updated research into aesthetics, functions and technology.